Why Pay for a Painter?

If you’re used to painting your RC bodies with ‘rattle cans’, you might be asking why you should even think about paying for someone else to paint a body for you. Fair enough! Well, here’s a list of reasons:

  1. You don’t have time to paint! Of course not – who does?! This is the number one reason to think about getting someone else to paint your RC bodies. We’re ALL busy and who wants to take an hour (or four!) to clean, scrub, mask and paint a body? You just want to get out there and drive, don’t you?
  2. You just want to drive, not paint! This is also an extremely common reason to think about paying someone to paint your bodyshells – if you have to worry about car setup, getting to the race or event, rebuilding, cleaning, etc., why do you want to worry about painting a body as well? And to come up with an eye-catching design that’s unique and looks good on your pit table…not everyone wants to put their efforts into that!
  3. You’re tired of simple paint schemes every one else has! Most spray can jobs are a single-color* paint job or the ‘contrasting stripe down the car’ look that every other person at your track probably has. Who wants their car to look like every other car? NO ONE! While it’s not economical to have someone else paint a car a single color, or even two colors, a CUSTOM paint job is the ideal way to stand out, and of course you’ll be able to tell your car apart from the other all-white or all-yellow cars on the track.
  4. You want something special! A custom paint scheme will look GREAT on the track and at your pit table when you’re out racing, plus it’s even better on display on a special shelf at home, in your workshop or at work – it really tells everyone else, Yeah, this is me. I’m worth it. In the grand scheme of things, spending £40-50 (price with body) isn’t all that much for something that you will treasure and enjoy for years.
  5. A custom scheme quickly becomes YOUR identification on the track! How many times have had a ‘fast guy’ at the track come up behind you, and just from the sequence of colors on his body you can tell who it is without even looking directly at it? That could be you. Of course, after you have a custom paint job, it’s up to YOU to be the fast guy!
  6. Your body will last longer! Really! Racers can tell you – paint your body with canned spray paint and the hits on the front end (especially the corners) will very quickly disintegrate away from damage. This is because the thinners and propellants in the paint eat away at the plastic, subtlety damaging it so it’s quite weak by the time you get it on the track. And it gets worse every time you race! With airbrushed paint, there’s NO thinner (apart from water) and NO propellants, so the bodies last much longer – it’s literally just paint that bonds to the plastic, so no harm is done to the plastic itself – but that doesn’t give you an excuse to hit everything out on the track 😉
  7. It costs less than you think! Really, it does. Think how much you pay for various cans of paint, about £5 each, plus tape or liquid mask, plus a knife (don’t forget a brand new scalpel blade for each body!)…oh, AND your time! Drawing, taping and cutting the masking on a single body can take an hour or more, plus the time to properly paint – think about how much you make per hour and ask if you’d pay yourself that much to do something you don’t really want to do… Plus, I’ll give you DISCOUNTED RATES for painting 3 or more bodies at once! That’s a great deal for racers 🙂
  8. You want to match a custom body or scheme! Maybe you used to race and want to revive your legendary racing livery, or you want something that looks like a full-size race car’s livery! Matching paints and styles can be difficult at the best of times, who wants to go through all that bother – get someone else to do it!
  9. A custom-painted body makes a fabulous gift! What better way to delight a friend or loved one (or YOURSELF!) who’s into RC and motorsport, movies, comic books, console games or any facet of geek culture than to get them a custom-painted racing body?

That should give you plenty to consider when you’re looking to make the step up to custom-painted bodyshells.

To buy or customize a body for yourself or a friend, drop me an email: polepositionrc at gmail.com

* ‘color’ v ‘colour’: sorry, I’m American, if you know me there’s no denying it! You’ll catch both spellings on this site but please don’t be offended or think I’m butchering ‘the Queen’s English’ by leaving out a ‘u’ every now and then! Besides, my grammar is almost always perfect, which more than makes up for a missing ‘u’ here or there! 😉

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