Order a Bodyshell

We offer our services to anyone interested in having a custom painted body made for them. You can see some examples of these bodies at the top of this page!

If you want to order a customized body contact me if you’re interested: polepositionrc at gmail.com

Please note that the time scale can be 1-2 weeks or longer, depending on how busy we are with other work.

Prices See below for guide prices* for painting various types of bodies:

  • 1/18th, 1/12th scale on-road, 1/10th Buggy: £25+
  • 1/8th buggy, Mini, Touring Car, Scaler Truck: £30+
  • Monster Truck or ‘Super Size’ car: £30+
  • Large Scale Buggy (HPI Baja, etc.): £50+
  • Large Scale Truck or Touring Car: £80-100

*’guide prices’ mean these costs are estimates, based on 2-3 colours used on the body and  a simple scheme. The cost can go much higher if you want very specific details or time-consuming work done on the body.

Pole Position RC can: 

  • order/buy the bodyshell for you
  • cut out the body (lower lines, wheel openings, wing parts – any or all) and/or drill body mounting holes
  • mount the wing
  • paint window lines, headlights, tail lights, grilles & vents
  • add stickers of lights, grilles & window lines (if supplied with bodyshell)
  • add stickers or decals that come with the body or RC kit
  • tint the windows
  • give you a completely ‘fresh’, custom scheme (and we won’t paint that exact scheme for anyone else – it will be YOURS and yours alone)
  • copy a racing scheme you used to have or replicate a famous racer’s scheme (to the best of our ability and your budget)
  • offer you volume discounts for multiple bodyshells (great for racers!)
  • post the body to you

Please note that some of these are additional-cost services. The more complex the paint scheme and the more time it takes to complete, the more the cost will be, just like anything else 🙂

Contact Me! To buy or customize a body for yourself or a friend, drop us an email: polepositionrc at gmail.com

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